Gambling in Stockholm has a long history. The oldest finds of gaming objects date back to the 200s, and in the 1400s, card games appeared in Stockholm . The first casino here began to work in the 1700s in Ramlosa Brunn. It offered games such as roulette, headlamp and basset, which were extremely popular gambling in Stockholm . However, in the mid-1800s the casino was officially banned. The Swedish Church played a big role in this, calling the games “devilish” and forbidding its parishioners to play any game. Since 1897, the state lottery Penninglotteriet has been legally active. Then, in the 50-60s of the twentieth century, other forms of gambling were legalized, such as horse racing, lotto and gaming halls. The question of opening a “real” casino in Sweden has been lobbied for since 1970, although restaurant games have been allowed in the country before, but everything has been happening on a small scale. As a result, in the spring of 1999, Parliament decided that the state should establish a casino with international rules throughout the country. Today, there are about 50 legal forms of gambling in Sweden that are used in typical casinos, such as poker and blackjack. Despite this, there are only four legal casinos in the country that belong to the state-owned Cosmopol company.

Online gambling is a very popular phenomenon in Stockholm, as Stockholm is at the forefront of Internet technology and communication. The use of gaming sites here requires personal registration, i.e. you need to enter personal data such as your phone number or social security number. Players must also have a Swedish bank account and a registered address. In addition, players must determine the limit of money they are able to spend on the game during the week. Top online Stockholm caskhoinos:

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Given the fact that internet casinos operating outside of Stockholm are neither legal nor prohibited, however, according to the legislation of the European Union, Swedish players can legally play on these sites. Thus, many European online casinos target Swedish players. Many online casinos have also been created and run by Swedes, such as,,, and many others. One of the three largest producers of online casino gaming software, Net Entertainment, was also created from Sweden. Net Entertainment is a recognized leader and pioneer in the global gambling industry, it is the holder of several dozen certificates of Integrity from various independent associations of the world. The company creates interesting thematic slot machines, with magnificent detailed animation, which offer players millions of dollars in jackpots in best online Stockholm casinos.

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One of its slots even made it into the Guinness Book of Records: the Mega Fortune slot machine won the biggest jackpot in the history of the Internet – more than 17 million euros. That casino best online casinos for Stockholm players!

A lot of big winnings are received by Swedes in internet casinos. For example, one of the biggest winnings – 4.1 million euros – in the casino won a 26-year-old player from Stockholm, who invested in the game only 50 euros. After a few minutes of playing slot machines he immediately fell out a millionth jackpot – imagine his shock? And the biggest winnings of more than 7.6 million euros also occurred in the casino In general, Swedes are gamblers and homebodies, they like to play online gambling more than to visit land-based casinos. And they win decent: in online casinos fixed hundreds of winnings, which ranged from tens to hundreds of thousands of euros.