jackpot online casinoIf you are looking for a game of chance to play in the online websites then online slot machines is perhaps the best and the simplest game of chance. Online slot machines are the only machines where any player can play with a little knowledge of how the things work with this machine. But if you understand the basic concepts and fundamentals of the slot machines, then you can very well enhance your excitement and fun to play it online. Let us describe you a little bit about two major types of online slot machines.

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The first thing that you need to know about online slot machines is the reels which can be 3 or 5 and these reels contain multiple number of different symbols or icons. All the reels spin and then come to a stop after sometime. After reels stop spinning then different reels detect and display a random assortment of icons or symbols. If the numbers of reels are three then 9 icons are seen in each screen and if the numbers of reels are 5 then 15 different symbols can be seen in one display. The next thing you need to know about is the pay lines and these lines are used to determine how much you win in each spin. The pay lines are the complex zigzag items and these are spread across all the different reels. The more the number of reels, the more chance is available for each player to win therefore, generally people like to play on 5 reel online slot machines.

The pay lines can range from 9 lines to more than 1000 different pay lines patterns. The players also need to know about the symbols which are displayed on the online slot machines and every symbol has a different value about which you can read in the help screen of the slot machine. Another thing of importance is amount of wagers which the players are given full authority to select. However, there is a basic bet which you have to choose and then you have to choose the number of pay lines on which you want to place that bet. The total is calculated by multiplying both these values.

The players shall also take care of one important factor and it is that there are online slot machines which are progressive in nature which means that these machines offer progressive prices. These jackpots are paid when certain symbols are displayed in a certain pattern on the screen. Now since the online slot machines can be a little bit complex hence, there is always offered a ‘help’ button which tells about the available progressives, jackpots, the bonus game as well as the available pay lines of that specific online slot machine.

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