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Some gamers say that the updated well-known casino game is a bright discovery opening doors from our hi-tech era to the traditional gambling nostalgic atmosphere. French Roulette gives every gambler in the every place the brilliant opportunity to feel rich and luxury atmosphere of an old casino at the Cote d’Azur and to gamble there from whenever the world. With this software you can play roulette from home or from office, while eating in a restaurant, relaxing in the park or even travelling by any means of transportation. This renovation of widely known roulette game is made in a bright, colorful design reminding the olden days of gambling. Not only every skilled French roulette player will be familiar with its traditional interface, it is instantly intuitive even for newcomers.

The online version of an old game unmistakable reflects the traditional atmosphere of a roulette wheel and creates a feeling of being at the classic French table layout. The gambling table in this online game could be in green color or in red, as a gambler wants it, and the great soundtracks are also reminiscent of those memorable sounds you can hear in the casinos – how the roulette wheel is spinning, the ball clatters or chips are being placed of on the table.

As it was said before the new online could be easy understood by any beginner, so they as well as any experienced roulette player will be able to enjoy the full spectra of conventional bets of well-known French roulette game. Everything from exciting Transversale de Quatre and Carre to formidable Passe or Douzaine and Manque are now available online, not to mention an extensive selection of customized Announce bets. Gamblers will be also able to use all benefits of the extraordinary ‘La Partage’ rule and get a 50% money back for every loss, and this rule also applies to the situations when the ball is putting to the “zero”.

All players choosing Premium French Roulette to gamble online are able to change the amount of their share in accordance to the current situation with the betting bank and their gambling style; moreover those who play here more less regularly can use some additional attractive features, for instance, the Bet History and/or Auto-Play.

You can play online version of Premium Roulette at Genting Casino using any device because this classy new game is not only fully compatible with two most popular OS – Windows and Mac, but with equal success can be played on laptops, smartphones and tablets.